I already wrote down in my Evernote to write this piece, when yesterday we all woke to the news of an indefinite strike by the Assocation of Staff Union of Universities (ASUU). This means that academic activities have been brought to a halt until further notice. Students are left to stay home, roam and do whatever they deem fit. Nevertheless, they are still students who are temporarily out of school and will need to complete their studies to earn those coveted degrees.

This piece is therefore timely and will for them help make this trying period to either be invested or spent or wasted.

The advice I’m about to share is one thing I wish someone told me or the opportunity for me to do it.

Firstly, the world has moved long time ago and far beyond the sacrosanctity of degrees and certificates. The Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerbergs, Steve Jobs and a host of others were not made by what the four walls of a school offered. They were self-developed, self taught, and built skill for the future they wanted to have. Now, what they were not okay with was school, going to possibly learn what you don’t have interest in or in an environment that limits your mind to think. They decided to do what interests them.


There is every need to discover what you are called to do or what you will love to do and be useful to your world. With this understanding and discovery early in school, you will be able to start buuording yourself in order to prepare. It gives you time to learn, acquire every skill needed for it. You will have ample opportunity to seek for a mentor and learning from him or her. Bill Gates didn’t drop out of school just like that as many will be quick to tell you. They never tell you that he was already learning to write programs long before college. The man attained mastery as the time he spent was over 10,000 hours. So when he got to college, rather than get boxed in a school he decided to venture into business on a skill he had built for years. This he did through summer jobs with a university that had the old mainframe computers for raw coding.

ASUU and the Federal Government’s years of disagreement has put a lot of people into a state of, maybe, despair, more idleness and reasons to misbehave. Is that really a good reason to start loafing about? I don’t think so.

  • This is the time to work.
  • You need look for where to intern, hotels.ng has made an announcement about it.
  • Volunteer in areas where you have interests. If the schools are shut from teaching theories, you can learn practically by volunteering.
  • Learn a skill; designing, sewing, writing lessons, start a blog, by all means make yourself useful in ways that help you learn something you will need in the future.
  • Don’t lose hope, don’t see as a drawback rather as a chance to have a new experience of work and wealth creation.

This, goes also to all students and I think parents should take note too. A teenager is not too old to take up a summer job or go for a camp. There are many summer camps that different organizations run during this period. Teach them responsibility early, it will make a difference between a man who is laid back in the future and the one that is not.

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