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THE 2019 SERIES (2)

Constitutional Issues, Processes and Amendments

The call for the restructuring of Nigeria has never been stronger than it was in the last few months and in a historic twist and turn of events, on the 25th of July, 2017, the Nigerian 8th Senate passed some key bills that will start the processes of restructuring our federalism and ensure more youth participation in politics.

Some of them include, Not Too Young to run bill, Independent Candidacy bill, Conduct of elections in LGAs by INEC and some others. It seemed like the day of the millennial generation, our fathers have decided to see how important we are and hope that this won’t be bills to fill shelves but ones that will be implemented to the letter.

On matters of principle and the provisions of national constitutions, they are the founding and supreme documents of any democracy. In the constitution are the details of our national, individual and collective aspirations towards greatness. A constitution in all of its content and interpretation must recognize the dignity, respect and honour of all citizens; as equals and stakeholders of the nation’s commonwealth and pride.

Nigeria in many ways needs a total review of our national constitution that will evolve to one that shifts power to the people; one that holds the people as supreme, one that demands that everyone be treated with dignity no matter their social status, tribe, religion, race and this will extend to foreigners who have decided to pitch tent in Nigeria. The people needs to be treated with respect in the eye of their leaders, the Nigerian people need to be made the bastion of our democracy, national existence and cohesion.


Anything less will lead to the many frustrations that are facing us today; from economy, to corruption, lack, want, poverty, health problems, education, killings, kidnapping, etc.

When a people have been a able to fashion and draft the document that is fit for the particular age and time in history, then they can move forward and start nation building. The constitution is more like a modus operandi and working manual of our democracy and should not be subject to opinionated interpretations or prejudice.

It will be expedient to set up a special court that is vested with the sole power to interpret the different provisions of our constitution to avoid conflict of interest and implementation.

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