Let me tell you a story…

One day while in the University, I came across a friend from another department but same college building and she was grieving, sad and broken. She couldn’t even respond to my question of what was wrong with her and I understood I had to walk till she is able to talk.

Later that evening, we got talking on Facebook and she opened on why she was in that depressing state with emotions running within. A lecturer had said some bad words to her, of not being good, smart or intelligent for the course he was teaching her.

All I had to was to reassure to look beyond what lecturers say; that their judgment about life and success ends in their class, and nothing more.

She was not the first person that was going through such and many people get run down by lecturers who are either supervisor of projects or part of a defence jury. Rather than correct to build up, encourage, guide, and inspire bashing feels more appropriate for them.

With all credence to the Fela, I will say to you lecturers, “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense”.

Education has many benefits, the world, in fact, needs more people who are in the professional fields than ever. We need scientists, research, we need to explore the potential of the earth, what nature and God have endowed us with and the proven way to this is to research, seeking answers, questions, and development. We need students and graduates who have their self-esteem still intact if they are doing programs like Microbiology or another course that is disregarded.


Unfortunately, our universities and school systems have degenerated to institutions where tutors and lecturers frustrate students while venting their personal frustrations that might be domestic in nature. The Western world has taught us that the people like Bill Gates, Albert Einstein succeeded beyond what other people think of them but here we have lecturers who lord it over on students because he/she has the power to keep you as a student for untold years.

No thanks to a system that works against its own.

Any teacher that feels good disparaging a student needs not to be one. He/she can go and deal with his wards same way. A teacher should inspire you to think about the questions posed to you, not necessarily to give the perfect answer but to enjoy the process of thinking things through till an answer comes. The process of everything is where the gold lies and forget every lie that tells you that the end justifies the means.

To the Students

Don’t allow yourself to be seen as unserious because if you are laid you will need more than encouraging in love but reproof as well. If on the other hand, you know you are committed to your studies then learn not to allow any teacher no matter his attainment run down your esteem. Your esteem needs to be in check for you to think, endure and find opportunities in any rough journey that life will offer you.

On a professional level as an employee now, you will find bosses that are worse than thorns in the flesh. They practically go beneath your skin into the born marrow and if you are not careful to the heart of emotions. A boss or an employer most times are affected by the stagnation of the company or the thought that he needs to pay salaries every month. That is understandable but not justifiable to say words like “you are useless” to an employee.


Employers’ rights do not exceed to that point of determining what and who someone is. It is apparently beyond his scope of work as a supervisor, manager, founder or CEO. If the person is not doing the job satisfactorily, deal with the job rather than taking it personally but if it must be personal then it should show care and concern. After all, you are paying him to work for you and the money should be meeting a need and family is part of that need.

To conclude, everyone especially if you are under someone needs to be careful of those you are allowed speak some words in your direction or to your hearing. They have a way of getting into your subconscious that you start thinking that you are actually useless. Psychologists can explain biologically but Proverbs 23:7 tells us that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so his he.”

So if you allow someone place a negative or inferior thought into your mind, you might be on your way to processing it to reality.

Guard your heart, for out of it are the issues of life (Pro. 4:23)


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