Below are some of Kanu’s speeches:

  1. “Nigeria is a zoo and everybody living in that God forsaken zoo deserves to die.”
  2. There will be no election in Anambra and I dare Buhari to arrest me or send soldiers to arrest me in Biafra land and see if any of them will return alive.
  3. I will be coming to Abuja on 21st and I will come with millions of Biafrans and if anybody dares arrest me, I will burn down the zoo and Nigeria will seize to exist.
  4. I just launched Biafra secret security to deal with the zoo Nobody can arrest me and if they do, the zoo will seize to exist and Biafra will be achieved fast.
  5. “Kumuyi should be stoned and dealt with thoroughly if he comes to Aba for his planned crusade.”
  6. “By the time we finish dealing with the animals in the zoo, there’ll be none left to tell the story.”
  7. “We are assembling weapons and we need some more money to thoroughly equip our military to enable us to unleash mayhem on Nigeria.”
  8. “Niger Deltans are cowards; we know what to do to them.
  9. Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta, Rivers, Edo and Cross River States are our territory and anybody who tries to oppose us will be crushed.”
  10. “No Ibo man should attend any Church where the pastor is a Yoruba man, they are criminals and fools.”
  11. “Nigeria should prepare for war, we are coming to annihilate you. My secret service are already studying the zoo and strategizing.”
  12. “I will go to Abuja, and when am coming home I will bring Buhari’s head”Nnamdi Kanu.
  13. ” If they don’t give us Biafra, there will be nothing left breathing in that zoo called Nigeria” Nnamdi Kanu.
  14. “Its either Biafra or death” Nnamdi Kanu.
  15. “If they don’t give us a date for a referendum, there will be no election in Anambra or any part of Biafra land” Nnamdi Kanu.
  16. ” It is clear that the only language the zoo called Nigeria understands is war and death and we are ready for war” Nnamdi Kanu.
  17. “From today forward, I put the protection of Biafra land in the hands of the Biafra Security Services” Nnamdi Kanu.(no wonder IPOB started collecting Taxes)
  18. ” If the zoo Army enters Biafra land, they will die” Nnamdi Kanu.
  19. “Buhari is a madman” Nnamdi Kanu.
  20. “I call on all Igbo’s who have the know how to manufacture bombs, arms ammunition to come forward, we need to take this war to the zoo ( via Biafra radio). Nnamdi Kanu.
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Credit: Olusegun Awoniyi

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