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Rochas and his Politics
Rochas and his politics

Understand How Politics Affects You (2)

By the end of his first tenure, the executive of our state was seen as having delivered on the good promises of democracy (politics) with the help of cronies, in-laws and family. This was the appearance in the mind of people who were not on ground in my state but the reality was that every project done by this government has dilapidated. The extent of dilapidation is at 105 % because they are burdens to the state, not needed, can’t generate revenue after he has gone into retirement or God helps us to prosecute him.

People keep hearing of a certain State executive who is running with a bondage agenda rather than a rescue mission. Salaries are owed yet state weddings and birthdays are not phased out; in-laws are rewarded and even considered to take up the reins of leadership after the present executive is gone. We are being pillaged with lies of projects that are more than curses to us.

How do we explain that people who have worked and toiled with the various governments of past administration being left to suffer and giving their children the burden of planning burial when they can’t even get jobs in the state? Who will rescue us with good deeds, not the bad one that is chaining us further? The lawmakers are puppets, more like zombies with the remote or whatever controlling them to do the bidding of one who is also endangering the future of their children. Can this curse be greater than the curse of God or is it too big for good men who fear God to resist the tyranny of a man who rose to leadership with a limp leg and corrupt philanthropy that is today eating up scarce state funds?


This evil in politics is too much for even the bad men to keep quiet yet the good seem not to even feel the effect is having on them and the ones it will have on their children. Do you not know that comfort zones are also hit with great calamity more than those in the open field of war? Power in the hands of rogues is being used to do perpetual evil, corruption that emanates from the deepest and lowest parts of hell and we stand, do nothing and mind a business that will be swept by this same storm and bad news.

My people, my people (I am not the governor), it is the time we make the corridors of power to hurt for occupation and habitation. A king that places himself to high than God is reduced to the level where he will be converted to raw herbivore, consuming grass for the rest of their lives. No green pastures will be brought near them as they have dared to dehumanize the creatures of a Great and Mighty God.

Injustice (politics) has been meted out without remorse and now we must reward and convict bad governance without mercy.

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