Minds in Boxes
The mind is a goldmine that cannot be left in a box. Non-usage of it causes negative effects like a lack of motivation and a positive effect will make life far easier.


The mind is regarded as so many things; it gives you what you put inside it, it is limitless, it is like a spring of water that never runs dry, it is unpredictable, can move in any direction, is capable of attaining the level of divinity, the mind can be seen as an amoeba that can take up no shape. However, the infinite extent of the mind is only dependent on each person’s choice and how one decides to allow their flow to.

We are told not to box it up, we are told to think outside the box, many have said we should think around the box and taking it further we are also told to think like there is no box. Whichever way a mind goes or the height each attains depends on how they are willing to stretch it. The elasticity of the mind does not have a plastic stage because it has the capacity to keep stretching, expanding, gaining strength and growth.

In this piece, though sounding philosophical and inspirational I will like to get subjective about how we need to remove every box when it comes to trying to understand what happens around us in the society. The mind needs to move away from any boxes to understand what happens in the corridors of power, business, and politics and in our government houses. Not everything is black and white and the people who find themselves at the theatre of the power show have minds that are equally elastic and infinite.

We need to see our politicians and leaders as people who do practically everything that citizens do; they eat, sleep, talk, dance, make calls, live in houses and homes, watch TV, can get angry, use the toilet, feel lazy and sick and whatever you can think of that humans are able to do in their closets or in the public. The world today and the politics that is defining the tide of events is being made, unfortunately, annoyingly and frustratingly interesting with the fake news, propaganda and social media.

It is more unfortunate that the ones that news is targeted at have become gullible to the point that one can believe when they are told something that pertains to themselves. Fake news and propaganda thrive because of so many things and one of it is the inability for mankind to use their minds. The inability to unleash our minds from the boxes that envelopes it.


If a government in Africa decides to release statements to the public because they are expected to, what makes you think they do exactly what is issued in those press releases? For the mere fact that politics is seen as a game for the satisfaction of vested interests that are unholy and unjust should tell you that what is said or seen is not always what is done or right.

It is the restriction of our minds in a box that makes some of us think that a President or Governor cannot place a personal call to a Senate President or Party leader or an opposition candidate to reach some compromises or tell them to do something different from what was discussed at an earlier meeting. Yes, the President or Governor can make calls in their bathrooms, their study, private rooms and quarters without anyone knowing about it. It is only in recent times that people started seeing how the seat of government looks like in Nigeria. The full appearance of the President’s office is not known by the public or even the media. The security checks in Aso Rock requires you to drop of any cellphones at some points meaning that taking pictures is completely out of it. The images your eyes capture are enough for as long as your memory can carry you.

We need to release our minds from the bondage of unseen boxes that limits our critical analyses of events, media reports, Presidential directives, political games and activities so that we don’t fall into believing everything including the obvious craps. The thing with failing to think these things through before believing them is that after so many dramas and activities from the same person, office or party you will discover incoherence and any efforts to defend them will only make you look really stupid.

Thanks to our journalists and media personnel but they are in business to make money and if the quick means to that is simply deceiving a gullible and unenlightened public then is no big deal for them. The end in sight for them goes beyond justifying the means.


The corridors of power and what happens there is like the beating of one’s heart; it is constant, something is always happening and the media never loses out daily on news headlines. There is always a news report; a President saying this, a launch, a commissioning, a diplomatic visit and much more. On the other flipside of things, there are things that the media is kept out of; the behind the scene moments, the agreements, the oaths taken by handshakes, white papers, in 5 minutes, sitting or standing, in person or over the phone or internet.

Public officials can decide to chat with each other regarding a highly important issue that can affect even the poorest on the street in worse condition that he/she (the poor) was. Politicians don’t lie because of what they say or not say or do; the lie can come in telling you something else on television but actually having something different discussed in their homes. In this time and era when some people can skillfully say things that are different from what their heart pulse/beat is with the right kind of temperament and emotional control, then expect nothing less from what happens in private rooms and toilets.

We have moved into a generation that is quick to believe things that are apparent lies from those who understand the gauge of shaping public opinion and perception. Our minds need a flow path that boxes cannot limit. You don’t have to know what someone did or said to know what he is capable of doing or might have done without you seeing or knowing. We need to save an ugly trend of fake aggregators and a public that believes hook, line and sinker.

Start thinking things through, start asking questions, starting being empathic, start painting scenes and possible scenarios of what a human being like yourself can do. The mind is a goldmine that cannot be left in a box. Non-usage of it causes negative effects like a lack of motivation and a positive effect will make life far easier.

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