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Two bills were passed some months ago and they are particularly gains for the youth population; Not Too Young to Run bill and the Independent Candidacy Bill.
Two bills were passed some months ago and they are particularly gains for the youth population; Not Too Young to Run bill and the Independent Candidacy Bill.

Nigeria’s Millennial and Independent Candidacy

The young people of Nigeria seem not to understand the times as much as they are expected to; we are more concerned about social media ranting. Each one desires to score a point that is always never near political correctness. We desire to change and a good one at that and in the peak of many historical events the Independent Candidacy bill passed in the National Assembly yet we are involved in online squabbles that gather likes, ‘lols’ and retweets.

In Hong Kong, the person leading the revolution for the young people is 21 and he started about 4 years. He has been to prison for it and yesterday he was released alongside a fellow activist Nathan Law who is 24 years old. The many strategies of the past have failed and as a country in a democratic setting and dispensation, we need something civil, democratic and cannot be pushed back by the enemies among us.

Two bills were passed some months ago and they are particularly gains for the youth population; Not Too Young to Run bill and the Independent Candidacy Bill. The age for contesting elections was reduced and Independent Candidacy can now run for elections without belonging to any political party or organization.

This is a development that is not just good but equally timely. We are in a time where people are losing jobs, compromising for money, selling their bodies for money, taking their lives yet our potential for greatness has not diminished since 1960. The same strategy is still in use for managing our commonwealth and the enemies of egalitarian prosperity keep giving excuses why the system will or cannot work. With the highest population of youths in Africa, Nigeria’s potential is the weight of her young people. A shake-up of the young population is a shake-up for Africa.


Independent Candidacy and the Battle of Two Generations

A section of the country and into various categorization have hijacked the instruments of the state and national institutions as their personal tool of many ills that stink to the high heavens. They are using it to favour their cronies, expand territories of wealth, influence and power for their generations yet unborn. All these are done on the backdrop of the sweat and hard work of others. Many (of these hard working people) have lost dignity in the workplace and at home.

My wish is that the young people like myself will realize that this fight is simply of old values, generation and thinking and one of the new values, better systems and thinking. The world of the youth has gone geometrically in a progressive manner. Technology has proved that we can superior to the old generation (and they should be proud of this), but no; keeping us in a convoluted rat race all year is a perfect strategy.

It is time to close ranks and understand the nature of the struggle for the soul of our country. It is time to develop a strategy that cannot be faulted solely to take up our country for those who pillage us every day.

These days you don’t need anyone to tell us that everything is wrong with those stirring the ship of this African giant. As much as they cannot have the monopoly of understanding about governance, they are defying principles and values with impunity that sets new records. Reports from our seat of our power Aso Rock are either incoherent; defies commonsense, controversial, fake, uncalculated, embarrassing, treasonable and a grave risk for the future.


My Proposition

We have the Independent Candidacy, Not Too Young to run the bill, resources and a population that guarantees over the years the power of our collective votes. As we work to close ranks and understand the nature of this struggle let’s choose for ourselves candidates that will run in 2019.

Strategy for 2019?

The form for Presidential elections was sold for 21 million right? That could have been deliberate to keep young people from elective offices. We today have the ‘Not Too Young to Run’ bill, we have Independent Candidacy bill. These two mean that we can’t be frustrated by political parties and the glass ceiling of age is lifted.

Close ranks and choose our candidates as young people (over 80 million). Crowdfund, raise money and float our candidates and power is taken back democratically from generation to another. The Independent Candidacy bill can be a tool of our liberation if we plan and work towards it.

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