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Malaysian Boys are in Town

It is Christmas again, an end of year celebration of achievements and wealth amassed for the year. It is always a good feeling to be home to your root and tell your people you have made some money (ikpatala ego). A former school mate put up on his personal message on Blackberry Messenger that South-Easterners in Nigeria are the ones that sure know how to do Christmas, not the ones done in places like Abuja.

Yes we sure know how to celebrate; pop up some drinks, take beer for most people, tag alone with someone going to have a drink, eat nkwobi and isiewu, eat plenty of rice (now there are varieties), get new concubines or female friends, and thank God some still remember to give some shape to the old houses they use to live in. It is something to be highly proud of, to change the house your father built.

So I was taking my bottle of malt with some distant relatives, when this dude passes by. He was wearing a brown and black colored blazer, a long chain of Jesus crucifix, two mighty rings you really can’t different if they are gold or diamond, a white t-shirt under the blazer, a multi-colored wrist band, a sagging black chinox trouser and a lot other things I couldn’t describe but still it was for the fashion sense and chopping my money thing.

“This one must be a Malaysian guy, the way the dress is really funny”, my distant cousin said. I only had to chuckle because my bottle of malt is being paid for by one of them. Don’t worry this one is responsible, he is a brother.


Yes Malaysian boys might send some wrong message to different people but am proud of these ones. They might not be much educated but they have dreams of a good life which can mostly be gotten by money. Yes money makes the world go round by answering all things. Rather than just waiting for things to get better here in the country for them they go out in search of that popular green pastures, work and hustle hard, through sleepless nights and days, in the cold; sacrifices they have to make to become something in life.

Every year thousands of people leave the shores of our nation and continent; vibrant and energetic young minds. The heartbreaking part of it is when you see the educated ones leave too in search of fulfillment at the expense of their dignity as second class citizens over there. As much as this might seem normal with the recent immigration crisis from war-torn countries like Syria, Africa is experiencing a brain drain without knowing.

The “Malaysian boys” all want to go their briefly, work, repatriate their monies and come to set up something here in Nigeria but it is still shocking that the ones who reached the top of the ladder in education prefer to stay there and not come back.

My prayer is that these one will go over there, succeed legitimately and not create nuisance in a foreign land. It won’t be good if they are deported for a crime rather let them “blow hard”, come back and add back to their fatherland.

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