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Saving A Drama Filled Planet

I didn’t want the topic to spell out what am about to get across to you, so I opted for that caption. Yes, Love! We all experience it in our sojourn in life. Most of the dramas we face today are because of this word Love (eros).

It is the starting point of nation building. When two people come together and build a wonderful family, send out responsible children to the society, the nation will be better for it but when it is the other way round; you know we are already doomed. In fact, I really don’t know the percentage of our relationship/marital moral level in my nation, no one cares but it is major bane of sound nation building.

There are many reasons why wrong people get together and build a family that will cause ruin to the nation. I know you known them. Succinctly put the reason people break up, make up, and break up again until there is no more heart to break. That is the person is broken to even love again.

Before the point of break up reaches.  I am telling you why we have a drama-filled love world (not Christ Embassy oo)…

It is simple, two people meet for the first time, exchange pleasantries and within the next 1 hour, butterflies are already running through the girl’s stomach and the boy feeling breathless without the girl. Are you Shayne Ward? Kilode?

That is the beginning of drama; of expectations, forming, dressing nice, more make-up, stupid phonee (as in accent), going to beach and cinema you can’t even take yourself to normally, boundaries, being faithful, worried about cheating, getting laid, break up, heartbreak, crying to biased friends who will lead you further astray, etc… you know them so it won’t be as if am highly experienced.


My point is simple!

All the drama you know of; pre-marital, marital and post-marital can be avoided if we all can do one thing. Okay not you, because you are getting older, at least the younger generation. Just one thing!

Rather than creating fantasies in your head over a total stranger you don’t know from anywhere, why not simply see them as friends, potential business partners, networking potentials, or better still Bible study partner and prayer partners. Don’t laugh! Seeing them as these keeps you at ease not to try to impress anyone, but rather it makes room for discovery of each other in career, business, family, thoughts on nation building and politics, entertainment industry, movies and the hottest single in town.

The world has become more dynamic and complex for two mature people to just have their minds focused on dating and hooking up, unless of course you are on that marriage mountain and needs urgent intervention. Even a minimum of 6 months of uninterrupted mind rubbing is not too small to save planet earth from something that is eating us up far more than climate change.

What makes the world more interesting to live is the diverse of opinions you hear from others on various issues; when you know what that person thinks of a movie, song, government policy, or even one of those controversies we have in Nollywood. How far you sef, what of the gist of pastors buying jets and how others are trying to be pro- or anti- prosperity messengers.


The life of boredom is only possible because you have refused to dream; and by dream it can be study, explore wisely not foolishly ooo, interact with people, stay abreast with facts about your society, think, imagine, observe and leave that shell of self-induced boredom.

Rather than look for someone who will make you have untimely and premature butterflies running through your stomach or give you a reason to boast with your guys. Just enjoy friendship without being suggestive of anything. The heat of politics, the media, celebrities, bad news, Boko Haram; are way too much for you to add another that can actually be regulated.

How you will ask?

Seek ye first for something more worthwhile in people than just looking for drama-filled, gas-emitting love stories and along the line you will find something less dramatic and lasting.   
















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