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It is final year and the excitement of graduating is overwhelming and even with the thought of having loads of lecture notes to read and a project to complete. It is like a dream come true as my family will be producing a first master’s degree holder. Dad is proud, mum is excited and my siblings are still in shock that their big bro is about to bag a master’s degree in Sustainable Development.

“Do you know my son will be a Master’s degree holder by next month,” Dad always told his club members. Despite the whole excitement, I was feeling a bit sad. A relationship that is just 4 months is over and I still can’t explain what happened. Efforts to make us come back together were to no avail even as Sheila insisted we broke up. I missed her on the graduation day as my plan was to introduce her to dad and mum. It was indeed filled with fun, excitement and the feeling of being celebrated by everyone.

“Frank you know the next thing to do now is to bring her home for us to see and have our say”, an uncle of mine broke the silence of everyone being busy with their food. Everyone who heard him exploded into wild laughter and shouting.

“Of course he has someone already, I am quite sure he is taking his time, Franky isn’t that it”, an aunt asked. At this point I sort of was caught between blushing, sadness and shyness. Nobody knew what I was going through having come out of a short-lived relationship.

It was sure a day of love and fun and how I cherish this day.

Now am home as it should be, eager to go and serve my nation in the compulsory National Youth Service Corps program. In as much as I was always at home, just reading and writing, dad will always look for the opportunity to inundate me with marriage talk and sometimes goes as far as getting a picture of his friend’s daughter for me to probably drool over. Most times he comes when am busy with mum gisting or reading, writing and I just tell him am not interested. Those days surprised me because I know where I have come from when it comes to ladies. But seriously those pictures of the ladies were fine. There was one that really looked plump that little wonder what makes this man think I love big ladies.

I have now completed the needed procedures for youth service and gotten to the State I was posted to a week before because we had an apartment there. The excitement of a would be Ajuwaya was all over me and this certain day I met a pretty and slim thick lady in an eatery. It was a landmark in the estate and most young people find the liberty to come around. Just the way I wanted things to be she was in need of a small amount to complete her payment and I just had to maximize the opportunity to gain something by giving out something.

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“I really don’t have that amount to give you and your POS is not working for me to use it. What do we do now”, she asked the attendant. No response from both of them. “Sorry how much is it, am sure I can help”, I inquired. Just about #270, the attendant answered.

While I try to remove my bulky wallet from my small back pocket, she stared at me that one could hardly decipher the expression on her face. “Thank you so much,” she said in a confident tone after I handed over the amount to the attendant.

You‘re welcome. I answered with the‘re’ obviously silent.

She walked down to her choice of table, just the one facing the TV playing some club bangers. She had ordered Chinese rice with a small portion of spaghetti, fish and a drink. While I waited for my porridge yam and fresh fish I kept thinking of what was the next thing to do in order to seal this deal.

Should I sit with her or just walk, how do I approach her without sounding rude or too forward, my brain cells charged with thoughts and calculations on how to woo this pretty lady? Then a last voice said, be yourself. Yes that must be God speaking.

“Sorry to bother you, do you mind if I sit with you while we both eat”, I inquired. She raised her head expressionless as it has been for the last 10 minutes, and finally said, “yeah you can, after all you saved me some embarrassment today”.

“Yeah but that’s nothing, any other person would do that gladly”. And why do you think so, she asked. Don’t you know such a situation creates an opportunity for any guy to start up a chat with a pretty lady like you? Hmmmm, she nodded.

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‘I am Frank, Frank Egbuna, extending my hand for a handshake. I am Lilian, Lilian Johnson”. She shook my hands. It was warm and felt like a business handshake. We got talking and got to know more of each other and within the next 20 minutes, we were both excited we met. We exchanged numbers and BB pin. We left the eatery together and coincidentally she was going my way, so I saved her the stress of flying a bike. I dropped her off some blocks before her compound.
The next one week was like a year to us, we became fond of each other. The following week I asked her to be my girlfriend and she accepted. It was really a wonderful beginning and this was sometimes in October. We have both taken each other and she assured me she would call off all other attachments to other male friends lurking around. I did same too even though as a guy it was a lot easier than hers.

Lilian was just in her 300L in one of the Federal Universities studying Law and was at home due to the ongoing staff strike across the nation. The next 2 months was sweet and blissful like what we see in the movies until she went back to school.


***to be continued***

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