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Finding Purpose II

Grace to understand, and make this teaching your lifestyle be given to you, In Jesus Name, Amen! The last time we talked about finding purpose, we understood that it takes a desire, and diligence.

We equally established the truth that you need to have a relationship with God, and ask Him for purpose if you really want to find purpose (desire).  But for today, we will talk about having a relationship with God.

  • Having a Relationship with God

Before we can be confident to say we have a relationship with God, we need to ensure our salvation is intact. Communication with him is valid and result bound only through salvation.

It’s also important to note that for every product, there’s an instructions manual on how to use it. Likewise, for every creation, there are instructions on how they should function. So to know what we are created for and how to go about fulfilling destiny, we need to hear from God, who is our maker.

Sure you want to know the next thing after that. Well, in your diligence walking with God, speak to Him about purpose, through prayer and studying of the Word. I wouldn’t like to leave out listening to messages on purpose, destiny, etc. all of these could be the channel God could use, you just have to be spiritually sensitive about it. Revelations are bound to come, at different times. But surely He’s an answer giving God, He hears, and He answers according to the desires of your heart.


But as a reminder, the revelation of your purpose is not the destination, it’s the beginning of an assignment, a journey, and a room for responsibilities. Find out how to go about it, and follow diligently, THEN you shall seat with kings and not mere men.



The passionate search for purpose, is a realization that being unique is common to everyone. Stop copying people, Find You!


“Don’t be a pigeon if you were born to be an eagle. Experience God’s altitude for your life.” – Dr. Myles Munroe

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