There is a popular quote that still resounds throughout history, ever relevant, powerful and will continue to be for generations to come; “Knowledge is Power”, credited to Francis Bacon during the Enlightenment period. Scriptures equally tell us that “My people perish for lack of knowledge”, Hosea 4:6.

Knowledge and whatever power it carries or can bestow on someone is possible through education, going for knowledge, life-long learning, skill acquisition, the right kind of exposure and deliberate effort to expand the scope of one’s mind. Education, according to Aristotle teaches one how to live and how to earn a living. Society has however restricted education as a tool to learn how to get a paid job, earn some money, start a business and live through with your family and basic needs taken care of.

The power that knowing or knowledge or education bestows on one should go beyond skill and the tools to create wealth. When people are educated to know what their discipline talks about while neglecting other areas that affect them, what you will get is a life of docile men, who care less unless something affects them directly. People who are good turning a blind, who are not in tune their world is going or how they can make a difference.

The world full of zombies, a world of unlearned educated folks who simply were trained to garbage in and garbage out information in examination halls. It is this situation that creates people even though educated, they don,t understand their rights, they see the world around them as the standard when the world beyond is moving very fast, people who by virtue of the media coverage they have access allow it to seal their fate. Education should make one be able to see beyond mainstream media and propaganda let alone fake news. You are educated to know so you won’t be deceived or look gullible.

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Why You Need to Be Liberated

  • The world is filled with all manner of people manner peddling different things, products, ideas, information and knowledge. Social media has even made it worse like never before.
  • Leaders in government and business desire that you remain ignorant so they can continue their onslaught on national economies.
  • Decisions of those in power can either affect you for good or bad based on your understanding of issues, your basic rights, citizenship rights and entitlement.
  • Knowing gives you the courage to demand what you understand is yours.
  • A lot is happening every day, history is filled with memories that are not boring but if you must understand the now and where the future is headed, there is need to understand history. You learn history and understand it by reading, seeing videos and any form that you can imbibe the knowledge easily.
  • A people who are informed are those that will send fear down the spines of their leaders. The Arab spring in Tunisia and Egypt were spearheaded by an educated middle-class and low-class who were learned and knew when their leaders were going wrong.
  • Knowledge gives you insight, foresight, hindsight and Farsight.
  • Knowledge shapes your mind to question everything, see things, unlike how others do and challenge status quos.

What You Must Know as a Citizen

By all means possible, know your national laws and constitution, known the ones that apply to leaders and citizens like yourself. Avoid assumptions and street postulations that happen at newspaper stands.

Go for your knowledge!

The Power of Self Development

When you are done getting that degree from college or university, what next? Do you relax or you start looking for a job and when a job comes you focus on it alone? The men and women who have scaled heights took deliberate steps to train themselves, learning and acquire the knowledge the school didn’t offer.

Reading is powerful and leaders are made from it. Leadership puts you in a position of higher knowledge and understanding and this must be acquired. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the US was a self-trained lawyer. He was working and spending his entire money on buying law books. He practised as a lawyer and rose to become one of the greatest Presidents in history.


However, in gaining freedom by educating your mind must be done within the scope of acceptable laws ( whether spiritual or man-made).

It is time to be free from shackles ignorance and go for empowering knowledge.

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