Success Tips: Delayed Gratification as Being Key

The many success principles of hard work, discipline, diligence, sacrifice, courage, faith, hope and countless others are needed by everyone.

The first contact I had with this term “delayed gratification” was after reading a book on the success of Jewish people and I couldn’t agree more than what the concept advises. Success is the desire of everyone. We all dream, have ambitions, crave wealth, desire relevance and more. The challenge …

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Understanding the Meaning of Integrity

The application of integrity in one sphere of life is different from what applies in another; however, this does not change the meaning of integrity by various schools of thought and wisdom.

The concept of integrity is very important, key and useful for various facets of life and human endeavour; in politics, business, family, governance, personal/individual interactions, etc. It has equally been defined in various ways, the meaning of integrity is such that, it is universal but can be subjective in interpretations. …

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