Biafra; the land of the rising sun, the ones who are butchered, the ones ravaged by war, the ones who lose assets, who gets rewarded £20, the ones who lose sons and daughters to stray bullets, the ones who are denied the highest seat in the land and Africa, the ones who give their all wherever they are found, the ones who dominate in strange lands by adding value, the land of Achebe, the land of Zik of Africa, the ones who bore Emeka Ojukwu, the stock from which Adichie is from, the birthplace of Michael Opara, the ones that are oppressed and YET they keep rising.

Biafra; land of dead men past, a land children ghost seeking justice, a land of where foreign powers and colonists could not get through with ease, the land of ingenuity, the land of emigrants, the land of fathers who give their all and mothers who sacrifice wrappers and jewellery that their sons and daughters may have the best of life. The land that built WMDs (Ogbunigwe), the land that attempted to build airplanes, the land that built armoured vehicles never seen in human civilization, the land of heroes who loved their country, the land of Yori yori na ngwori, the land of nkwobi, ndi n’ata ife, the land of Nollywood, the land of Sir Warrior, of Bright Chimezie, of Nkem Owoh, of Edochie, of Flavour Nabania, of PSquare, of Onyeka Owenu; Igbo mara nma, Igbo Nwere mmadu.

There is no reason to doubt about the virtues of Ndigbo no matter what perception others may have. Our businesses in Onitsha and Nnewi have worked wonders beyond Africa. Innoson, Cosmas Maduka and others from Anambra that are proofs that we have success stories despite the negativity.


The negativity that we are seen as a threat because we are highly progressive. The notion that being at the hem in certain positions in Nigeria means doom for others so we are relegated YET we Thrive. The good from Biafra is more than the bad that our fellow Nigerians describe us as. So without mincing words, I am Igbo and proudly so!

Our sufferings have been for as long as Nigeria has been and here we are after many years of untold ordeals, a war that killed nearly 3 million, a casting down that forced to start again with £20 in 1970 and yet again after years of marginalization, we are being threatened with genocide. The ghost of the 1950s and the 60s has overtaken those who only see us as an evil that today we are yet again threatened.

Like the years between 1967 and 70, the world was quiet while women and children were being raped and killed. Food supply cut-off, kwashiorkor raging, skinny children making TIME cover magazine while the world kept quiet. Those who chose to listen did a lot but it could not be compared to what more powers could have achieved if they lent a listening ear. It all started as a police action into full-blown war, September 2017 they now call it Operation Python Dance II. History is about to be repeated and the world is awake, looking, hearing but doing nothing.

All we ask for is for a Nigeria that works, a Nigeria that we have bled for more than any ethnic nation in Nigeria and maybe Africa. If Nigeria and those holding us siege think the present situation is normal and something to be proud of a country, then we prefer to start afresh, as a sovereign nation. If equality and egalitarianism are not possible in Nigeria then it is foolish and weak to keep managing when we can have more beyond any nation on earth.

While the world is watching, Biafra is boiling and the worst kind of dehumanization is happening again.


It was Edward Burke that said, Evil prevails when good men do nothing. Doing nothing when you can do something means you have by your inaction approved another round of genocide that is codenamed Python Dance II.

Biafra is Boiling! 😭

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