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Michael Ayua

A final year student of law, Benue State University, Benue State, Nigeria.


Government officials are important personalities, who, owing to the value of the duties they perform, which are essential and beneficial to society, ought not be distracted or inhibited from fulfilling their function as an integral part of the community. Hence, one of the means of blocking these channels of distractions or inhibitions …

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Nigeria: Still the Giant of Africa?

Giant of Africa and the president of Nigeria has to leave the country for an ear check up? Our medical facilities are barely the top rated in Africa?

Nigeria for as long as Africa became conscious of her sovereignty after colonialism has been described as the giant of Africa. In the past this made Nigerians beam with contagious smiles, today it seems rather embarrassing. The term African’s giant as applied to Nigeria connotes magnificence in terms of population and economy, since both …

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